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With the desire to provide expert-knowledge and answer health-related questions from the Vietnamese immigrant community, Dr. Wynn's Talkshow will launch in March 2020.

Time: Sundays during the months of March, May, July, September, November. Dr. Wynn will only host 5 talkshows.

Location:  All states in the United States that have a presence of a strong Vietnamese community but few Vietnamese physicians

Form and Fees:

Spaces, temples, and churches can be organized to accommodate a select number of participants

All expenses will be sponsored by Dr. Tran's non-profit organization, VietMD. You will just need to contact and arrange a time with Dr Wynn Tran.

Send an inquiry to:


Talks at Hiền Như Tịnh Thất Temple

Since August 2018, Dr Wynn has dedicated his time to host a monthly health discussion and talk at the Hiền Như Tịnh Thất Temple in Los Angeles, California.


Health topics are the intrigue of many, allowing one to provide better care for themselves.


Recordings of the monthly talks are available on Dr. Wynn Tran's Official YouTube channel.

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